Please donate to the Black History Project of Lexington

Greetings friends and neighbors,

Black Lexington residents fought on the Lexington Green and have continued to contribute to the rich history of Lexington and the Commonwealth.  To increase the knowledge and recognition of the history of Black people, the Association of Black Citizens of Lexington (ABCL) invites you to donate to the Black History Project of Lexington.

Your donation will support the Oral and Visual History Project of Lexingtonians of African Descent, ABCL’s Black History Portrait Banners, and ABCL’s Lexington Black Heritage Trail.  One of our 24 portrait banner honorees is Isaac Barbadoes.  Mr. Barbadoes was born in 1755. His parents Quawk Abel and Kate Barbadoes raised him, his sister Mercy, and his brother Abel in Lexington. Isaac Barbadoes died in 1777 while serving in the Revolutionary War as a soldier in the 15th Massachusetts Regiment.

Any contribution will help ABCL reach its goal of $25,000.

Black History Project of Lexington