About ABCL

Association of Black Citizens of Lexington

Our Story

We are a private, nonprofit volunteer organization composed of academics, artists, lawyers, clergy, engineers, entrepreneurs and others who are concerned with matters of critical importance to the welfare of Black citizens of Lexington, MA.

ABCL is a resource for Black residents and for the Town of Lexington.

As a group we work to support each other socially.

We encourage Black residents to seek elected and appointed town positions to help create a town that meets the needs of all of its citizens.

ABCL will serve as a repository of the history of Black residents in the town. Our members will record and preserve that history and develop programs to share with the community.

ABCL Vision

An organization that strives to make Lexington more welcoming to Black folks from across the African diaspora so that Black adults enjoy living here and urge their family, friends and colleagues to move to town; Black children have access to all of the resources in this town and consider raising a family here; and Black-owned business prosper and hire local residents.

To do this –

A.     We celebrate Black culture in its many facets.

B.     We socialize with our Black neighbors.

C.     We research, honor and publicize Black history in Lexington from colonial times to the present.

D.     We support Black residents’ participation in local politics as candidates, elected members, and informed, demanding voters.

E.     We integrate our goals into town and school departments, agencies, and associations through collaborative programming, organizational leadership and active participation.

F.     We develop cultural programming for our members and for the broader Lexington community.

G.    We publicize, mentor and patronize Black-owned businesses in the Greater Lexington Area.

H.    We collaborate with other Black organizations in the Greater Lexington Area to further our mutual goals.

I.    We collaborate with other cultural organization in the Greater Lexington Area to further our mutual goals.

Our Moto

Strengthening Lexington’s Black Community

Our Mission

We fought on the Lexington Green and have continued to contribute to the rich history of Lexington and the Commonwealth.

To create a vibrant Black community in Lexington;

To increase recognition of the history of Blacks in Lexington;

To increase civic engagement of Lexington’s Black citizens

ABCL is a 501(c)(3) charity. Your donation is tax deductible. Our EIN is 82-3206698.

ABCL Black Business Directory