How to file a concern or complaint about the Lexington Police Department

Here are your options for filing a concern or complaint about the Lexington Police Department or one of its employees.

Lexington Police website
Follow the police complaint procedures that are on the department’s website, .

By Mail:
Attention Chief Mark Corr
Lexington Police Department
1575 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02420

In person:
Same Address
Request to speak with the Commanding Officer on-duty.

E-mail: reviewed by Captain M. McLean Chief Mark Corr Captain of Operations, Captain M. McLean Detective Commander; Designated Civil Rights Investigator, Lieutenant James Barry

By Phone:
781-862-1212 ext 205 Commanding Officer on-duty
781-863-9205 bypass the phone tree; Commanding Officer on-duty
781-862-1212 ext 300 Chief’s Office
781-863-9300 bypass the phone tree; Chief’s Office

Social Media
The Lexington Police Department has a Facebook page which is managed by our Community Resource Detective Aiden Evelyn. We are currently reviewing a better process by which to receive complaints by a social media platform.

In addition, you may consider filing a complaint or concern with the following:

Lexington Human Rights Committee

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
Directory of contacts at the Attorney General’s Office
How to file a civil rights complaint