June 30, 2018 – ABCL’s Haitian Cultural Fair

On June 30, 2018, ABCL is hosting an African Diaspora Cultural Festival in June in honor of Immigrant Heritage Month. Haiti has been chosen as the country for the inaugural event at the Church of Our Redeemer in Lexington. There will be samples of Haitian cuisine, natural and historical art, Haitians living in the community and the Commonwealth, arts and crafts exploration for children, and more!

Join us in the Great Room (basement)!  Plenty of parking in the rear of the church.

To get a sense of why Haiti was chosen, watch the trailer for 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti at http://www.1804movie.com/ .

Program for All Ages from Noon to 3:30 pm; Movie and Discussion from 3:30 to 6 pm

  • Noon     Windows on Haiti: Toussaint L’Ouverture
  • 12:30     Art of the First Black Republic of the Western Hemisphere
  • 1:30       Jazz Legends in Black and White
  • 2:30        Working with Haitians to Build Resilient Communities
  • 3:30       Movie, 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti (PG documentary)
  • 5:30       Understanding Haiti’s Impact on the World and US History

Download the flyer

May 22, 2018 Lexington School Committee meeting – Revisiting the Survey

In case you were unable to attend, here is the Lexington Minuteman coverage of the May 22, 2018 School Committee meeting. In a follow up meeting from May 8th, ABCL Education Subcommittee chair Jodia Finnagan encouraged the Lexington School Committee to revisit the school discipline survey



Viewing of METCO Documentary Film, “On the Line: Where Sacrifice Begins”

Sat, April 28, 2018

Please join ABCL at this Lexington Youth and Family Services  Multi Cultural Sponsoring Board event

METCO Documentary Film, “On the Line: Where Sacrifice Begins” on Sat, April 28, 2018 from 5:30 to 8:30 at First Parish Church, 7 Harrington Rd, on the Green in Lexington. Created by Mike Mascoll, a Lexington METCO graduate, this film documents the birth in 1966 of METCO, which is the oldest voluntary desegregation program.  It highlights the METCO program through the experience of both METCO and Lexington families and discusses why METCO is still such an important and beneficial program in Lexington today. Barbara Hamilton, METCO Director at Lexington High School said, “Now more than ever our country is at risk of being divided again. This story stands as an example of how we can still come together.” Following the film, there will be a panel of METCO parents, alumni, current students and educators.  Light refreshments will served.

To view the trailer, visit  https://www.newday.com/film/line-where-sacrifice-begins

METCO Documentary Film provides further for details

Student Discipline Survey – Your Input is Needed

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Over the last several months representatives of the Lexington Public Schools, Lexington Human Rights Committee (LHRC), and the Lexington Commission on Disability (COD) have worked with community members from the Association of Black Citizens of Lexington (ABCL) and Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) to develop a survey.

We want to hear about your experiences with student discipline in Lexington Public Schools (LPS). As a parent or guardian of student who is African-American or Black, or who has an IEP or 504 plan, your feedback is especially valuable to us and will help us improve responses to student discipline.

Please use this link to take this survey.  If you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey, please contact  Sean Osborne

If you have questions about this survey, you may contact Sean Osborne or  Victoria Buckley , COD Chair.

Thank you for completing this survey by Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sean Osborne

Chair, LHRC

Black History month at the library (February 12-28)

As mentioned in earlier emails, we are having an abbreviated Black History month at the library (February 12-28) that will consist of the following:

  • Display Materials: The library will have relevant materials on display on the main floor during this time. The attached lists of recommended books, movies and music was provided to the library to display. We are hopeful they will purchase some to add to their permanent collection.
  • Movie Screenings: We are going to co-sponsor The “Princess and the Frog” and “Race: The Jesse Owens Story” with the library. The library will create promotional posters for the movies, draft press releases, and promote them on their website, too. They ask us to do the same. We cannot mention the names of the movies for licensing reasons. However, we can link to the library’s website where the actual names of the movies will be listed.
  • Idea Wall Exhibit: Thanks to Leona, we will have a visual exhibit on the Idea Wall across from the Reference Desk. It will celebrate our contributions in the sciences, military, arts, and more. If you have large posters that you want included in the exhibit, I will need it by this Friday.




Following are some events still in the early stages of discussion and planning, but worth mentioning.


  • Baseball Season (April/May): Possible screening of “42,”  the movie about Jackie Robinson. If the Idea Wall is available, we could do a Negro League exhibit. Depending on interest, we may or may not do this.
  • Library After Dark: The Cary Foundation is launching a new series of after-hours events at the library. Four are planned for this year. I met with the leaders of the Foundation Monday to discuss ABCL partnering with them on an event in the fall-possibly a poetry slam featuring Regie Gibson, if he’s interested and available, and/or a jazzfest. The details still need to be worked out. First, we need to lock down a date. We are looking at September 8th or 15th, both Saturdays.



February 8th and 22nd meetings are cancelled. Any updates to be provided at 2/15 board meeting.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about any of the up-coming events.